“I have been training for 2 years with Rafa.  It goes without saying that he is on time and professional.  The thing that sets him apart is that he cares. He wants to see you succeed in your fitness goals.  He's super knowledgeable. I'm glad I am in his hands.”


-       Toussaint Crawford


“Not often does one get to use a superlative without being thought to exaggerate or overreach; but after nearly 30 years of gym membership and participation, I can say with all candor and without hyperbole or fear of contradiction that Rafal Tokicz is far and away the best personal trainer I have ever worked with or observed.  That is especially true with respect to older clients such as myself.

During my time training with Rafal, I have been amazed at his ability to intuit what my body and spirit need in a particular weekly session. His ability to quickly analyze a person’s physical condition and pinpoint areas of weakness that need attention is remarkable.  For me, Rafal’s approach has emphasized the long term goals of physical stability, flexibility and stamina that are so important as a person ages and which are so often overlooked by other personal trainers more interested in building strength and muscle mass as immediate evidence of their success.  It seems to me one reason for Rafal’s wonderful ability as a trainer is his thorough, clearly and often demonstrated knowledge and understanding of human physiology and musculature.  He is always ready and willing to explain in detail the reason something is being done, and to clearly demonstrate and explain, and to kindly insist upon the correct form of an exercise to achieve maximum benefit.  Rafal continually strives to learn new techniques and exercises and to garner and share new information so that workouts with him are always dynamic and fun rather than tedious or repetitive.

His technical knowledge and expertise is only part of the package, though.  One of the most critical aspects of a truly successful training program is the trainer’s ability to motivate his clients.  I for one have never been so motivated by any other personal trainer. The strength of Rafal’s character, his innate kindness, good will, good humor, grace, and his own physical excellence makes one strive to measure up to his example. He is a true gentleman in every sense. While circumstances have forced me to curtail training Rafal, I can say without embarrassment or hesitation that knowing him has made me want to be a better person, not just physically but in all aspects of life as well. In all sincerity, My respect, admiration and affection for Rafal Tokicz are and will always be without limit.  You can’t say that about many personal trainers!”


-Tom Hill,

September 29, 2015

Washington, DC    


“RafaI has been my personal trainer for over 10 years.  I always look forward to our sessions, his creativity and enthusiasm make the hour fly by!  As I get older, my fitness goals have changed from improvement (run faster, lift more weight) to maintenance of the strengths I have.  Specifically, we work on balance, movement in different/unexpected planes, maintaining strength and flexibility.  He’s a pleasure to work with and always comes up with unique and challenging workouts.

And it's not only my workouts that are inspiring.  Through the years I’ve watched him work with other clients at my gym.  He effectively appeals to all ages and fitness levels:  from the elderly with limited mobility, to the young high-schooler looking to improve his/her soccer skills.

I very highly recommend him as a top performing personal trainer.”


-Vicki Carlson


"What do YOU say about and to an individual who demonstrates the highest ideals of his profession, who is constantly seeking to be a better trainer and to share that growth in knowledge with his client, who consistently demonstrates a heightened awareness and empathy so lacking in today's society, who is kind and gentle? You say thank you and call him friend."


-Tom Rodgers


“Having reached the point of needing a personal coach to get me back on track after a few years of laziness due to an injury, a friend of mine at my club recommended me Rafal.  The first session made me realized how inept I was I wasn't sure if I should go on. But I did. And now after over a year of training with Rafal I feel the benefit of his training.  Rafal is very professional, dedicated and concerned, coach. I enjoy the diversity of the routine. It is always challenging, never boring. I feel all its benefit physically and psychologically.  Moreover, I should add that I am a senior citizen and Rafal has been able to help me feeling comfortable getting back on the squash court.”


-France van der Bijl