Metabolic Resistance Training:

Ultimate High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout. This varied interval based program (e.g. 40 sec work / 30 sec rest, Tabata protocol) pairs athletic-based, plyometric and core bodyweight movements with mobility drills during rest intervals. This is the fast track towards increasing your athleticism, stamina, and flexibility.

Functional Foundations (FF):

Strength training is the foundation of our programming because it is the fastest way for you to look, feel, and move better. In order to receive the many benefits of strength training, it is important to learn the fundamental movement patterns: pushing, pulling, knee-driven, hip-driven along with unilateral and core stability. With the addition of core stability and function, FF offers you a complete full body workout while teaching you how to perform these movements safely and effectively.

 AfterBurn (AB):

An incinerating metabolic circuit training class. AB gets its name from the effect it has on your metabolism, dramatically increasing your metabolic rate (how many calories you burn) for many hours after your session has been completed! A hybrid style of training, AB offers many of the benefits of both strength training and cardio giving you an effective and efficient full body workout in under an hour. 

 Last Set Strength (LSS):

A circuit based strength counterpart to AfterBurn. AB and LSS are not independent of one another, but rather two sides of the same coin. Together you have the ULTIMATE fat burning, calorie incinerating one-two punch! While still metabolically challenging, LSS also increases strength and getting stronger and leaner makes everything you do in and out of gym more effective.